Hurricane Sandy Surveillance

In late October 2012, Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, devastated the east coast of the United States. Packetalk surveillance cameras installed along Long Beach Island, New Jersey captured the historic storm in action.

Packetalk's wireless IP surveillance systems, installed by the Long Beach Township Police Department, were set up in various locations in Beach Haven, Harvey Cedars, Holgate, and Brant Beach townships. The cameras act as an effective crime prevention and natural disaster monitoring tool, giving the police the ability to monitor key areas at all times. The video footage from the system is recorded and saved for 30 days, helping investigations.

During the storm, the state-of-the-art cameras gave law enforcement a means of monitoring ongoing storm damage without having to put officers in harms way.

Most surveillance systems rely on outdated cable and unreliable wireless technology to relay their images, Packetalk’s patented wireless system utilizes a 100 Mbps wireless point-to-point link from water towers and other designated areas, making it perfectly suited to operate efficiently during the storm. While damaging winds and interrupted cable service knocked out other systems, Packetalk cameras remained fully operational until Atlantic City Electric cut the power from the island.

Packetalk software allows LBTPD to preprogram preset views and automatically move from preset to preset on any predetermined time duration and sequence. The software also allows the operator to take control of the movement at any time.

Despite sustained intense wind speeds of up to 90mph, all cameras remain fully functioning after the storm without any need of repair. They continue to provide police with a much-needed method of monitoring the affected areas during the extensive cleanup process.