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Relay Server Software

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At the heart of our camera system is our Relay Server Software. This scalable, enterprise application provides a full range of camera management and viewing features for up to 24 IP-cameras. Camera video can be accessed over a LAN, WAN, VPN, or the Internet from virtually anywhere, and can be connected by fiber, copper, satellite, or encrypted wireless radio. Live and stored video can be viewed and controlled from anywhere on-site or off-site by authorized users from any networked PC.

Our View Station Software provides comprehensive multi-camera management and viewing. The View Station console is completely configurable. Users can view video from up to 25 cameras on a single or multiple monitors. Tours of selected preset views from any number of cameras can be defined on one or more schedules. The View Station provides sophisticated, yet easy to use alarm management. At the occurrence of a user-defined alarm, any camera control, discrete URL command, or executable program can be invoked.

Packetalk Video Management Software
The Packetalk's Relay Server is a scalable and complete camera management solution. Because of its standard browser interface, the surveillance experience begins from a standard web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. All of the camera video and controls are unified under the Relay Server software. A comprehensive HTTP URL API provides the View Station client program, third party software and other system devices access to the cameras. The supported digital media for the audio and video is also standards-based. For video media, JPEG, MPEG2, and MPEG4 are supported.

  1. Serves live and stored video streams to clients
  2. Web server serves video to web interface that provides control over all network cameras
  3. Snapshot and video segment storage management
  4. Bandwidth management
  5. User authentication management
  6. Provides single, consistent interface to large networks of cameras of varying type and manufacture
  7. Provides scaleable framework for distributed network of geographically dispersed cameras
  8. Operates over any network transport medium with sufficient bandwidth
    Includes APIs to integrate video into 3rd party applications such as SCADA