“(Packetalk Cameras) excellent use of UEZ funding…it was the kind of funding that always translated into something that people could see...I think it’ll give the public a sense of security...It will also serve as a deterrent for major crimes and even the kids."
Mayor Gerald Drasheff of Gutterberg
Jersey City Reporter

"After a reduction in crime and a positive residential response, the resolution (for continued addition of cameras) awarded a contract to Packetalk, LLC, of Lyndhurst"
Hudson Reporter

"I have tremendous confidence in them. Their reputation is well known and some of the work in East Orange is incredible. Installing security cameras serves as a driving force in crime prevention and helps our officers stay better connected and ultimately keeps them safer on the streets… public safety will undoubtedly benefit from this proactive approach to deterring crime."
Mayor Robert Parisi, West Orange

"(Packetalk is) Head over heels above anyone else,"
West New York Police Director
Michael Indri

"Chief Robert Dowd said the department (North Bergen) ultimately settled on wireless cameras not only because it cut costs, but because the vendor, Packetalk, LLC, had cameras of outrageous quality."
Hudson Reporter

"It was determined by (West Orange) town administration that what the system offered in the way of protection and additional safeguards compared to other systems, merited the investment."
The Alternative Press

"Sergeant Andrew Di Elmo of the East Orange Police Department : The cameras, along with all our technology, has played a crucial role in our crime reduction, and have been met with positive feedback."
Essex Daily News

"Packetalk was able to bring us a technology that other companies did not have."
Chief Kevin Amos
Garfield Police Department

"It was a pleasure to work with them. With such an extensive project, Tamer and Packetalk worked to make sure everything went smoothly. There are always times when technology goes down, but Packetalk always gets to us as soon as possible and gets our cameras back online. Tamer and Packetalk went above and beyond to make the integration of our technology a reality."
Sgt. Andrew DiElmo
East Orange Police Department

"Working with Packetalk has not only improved security throughout our buildings, it has improved our relationship with local law enforcement. Packetalk's surveillance system is a proactive approach which serves as a deterrent, enables us to provide information to our community policing team and will help us prosecute offenders at the same time!"
Executive Director Carmelo Garcia
Hoboken Housing Authority

"Packetalk LLC was contracted to provide the North Bergen Police Department with a city-wide wireless infrastructure. This infrastructure was the foundation for Packetalk's highly sophisticated wireless and internet-based video monitoring solution which the Police Department has adopted. After consulting with various vendors, Packetalk was the only vendor capable of providing a product to our demanding specifications. Packetalk has become a valued partner in our efforts to revolutionize our policing techniques and management style."
Deputy Chief Peter Fasilis
North Bergen Police Department