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The View Station software component is a full-feature front-end for the Packetalk camera system. It will allow any single View Station location to manage and view 100s of cameras as if they were on a single physical Relay Server. Any system camera can be accessed through the View Station’s intuitive user interface. View Station is a client program that presents video and data from potentially multiple instances of Relay Server, Tour Server and Alarm Server to customizable displays. View Station’s customizable layout feature permits the tailoring of displays to meet the special requirements of the site. Live video, camera control, playback, custom command buttons, tour statuses, and alarm notification windows can be mixed and matched in any combination to give a bulls-eye view of the monitoring operation. Multiple views can be running simultaneously and multiple screens are supported. Live video feeds can be displayed full screen or rotating through multiple-feed scans.

  1. Provides operator console for video system
  2. Multi-monitor support
  3. Unlimited user-defined views
  4. Group networked cameras as necessary - by location, by function, etc.
  5. Automatic scans through camera list in selected windows
  6. Automate camera and other system component operation through schedule tours
  7. Completely customizable button panels to control cameras and other system components