Providing a Cost Effective Means of
Meeting the Public's Safety & Security Demands

Packetalk technologies provide a quantum leap in surveillance intelligence. Using IP based, wireless infrastructures, intelligent relay systems, newly developed high resolution cameras and fail safe transmission systems Packetalk has produced astounding results.

  1. Enabling the City of Passaic, NJ to convert an existing analog cable based police surveillance system into an intelligent IP based system while also incorporating the cities fire, parking and housing authorities into the system, drastically cutting monthly maintenance fees, improving coverage and sharing expenses across multiple cost centers.
  2. Implemented a new city-wide IP based surveillance system with an ROI of just three months simply by eliminating the need for dedicated T1 lines.
  3. Established a citywide private network using public buildings, saving thousands of dollars per month in capital costs by eliminating cable multiplexers averaging $300-400 per month each.
  4. Contributed to one of the most drastic crime reduction statistics in history by coordinating Packetalk networks with police coordination systems in East Orange, NJ. Case Study: East Orange
  5. Packetalk's wireless IP surveillance systems proved to be the only solution that could come through, meeting Long Beach Township's requirements for both scalability and ease of deployment. Case Study: Long Beach Township

Packetalk Systems Are Ideal For:

  • Police Departments gain Force Multipliers to augment patrol coverage in light of staff cuts
  • Fire Departments inexpensively add IP based video surveillance by piggybacking on legacy systems
  • Governments improve quality of life in their communities despite drastic budget reductions
  • Schools and Universities incorporate campus wide intervention systems to reduce likelihood of crime
  • Parking authorities add demonstrable video based crime deterrent systems
  • Community managers eliminate costly, dedicated T1 lines and multiplexers that support outdated co-axial based CCTV systems
  • Government agencies eliminate costly cable and telecommunications based networks by leveraging existing public structures for IP-based systems
  • Public entities use portable and rapid deploy surveillance systems for intermittent crowd control and security issues