PTVAS Screens


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Packetalk Video Analytics System provides a multi-faceted situational awareness platform for all your surveillance needs.

  • Real Time Display
  • Playback & Record
  • PTVAS Mobile
  • Smart Analytics
License Plate Recognition


Packetalk License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a deep learning and AI-based license plate detection and recognition search solution with an accuracy as high as 98%.

  • Detects on moving or stationary vehicles
  • Supports processing of single frames and video streams
  • Compares detected plates against a watch list database
  • Provides detailed reports


Packetalk Interactive Situational Monitoring Analysis Response Tool (iSMART) is a proven real-time situational awareness, problem solving, and resource management best practices knowledge portal that helps users to:

  • Make better policing decisions
  • Create and implement effective crime prevention strategies
  • Deploy resources when and where they are needed most
  • Measure performance and results
  • Increase productivity and reduce cost-effectively

On-Board Self Healing

Built in monitoring system collects data and information for display in our autonomous operational continuity vitals application.

  • Hands Free Analytics
  • Real Time Fixes Without Delay
  • Web Based Access
  • Autonomous Operational Continuity


Packetalk Interactive Resource Management Center (iRMC) is a powerful workload, resource, and performance management tool that combines real-time resource tracking and performance monitoring to identify ongoing opportunities for executing agency strategy, optimizing the use of available resources, and extending the reach of agency resources.


The Interactive Community Alert Network (iCAN) unites neighborhood residents and the police in preventing crime. iCAN allows citizens to instantly and anonymously put the eyes of the police on suspicious activity occurring in their neighborhoods with a click of a mouse.