Packetalk’s wireless surveillance transmission system provides a flexible, scalable, and reliable for all outdoor environments.

Key Features

Of our radios

Withstanding Harsh Environments

Designed to perform in harsh conditions ensuring the AP can withstand extreme outdoor climates where temperature is a factor. (varies per model)

This includes prolonged outdoor exposure to:


Extreme Heat/Cold



Heat & Humidity


Features industrial grade
IP67 Metal enclosure


Features industrial grade
IP67 Plastic enclosure

Use PT Radios to Extend existing network

We use your current internet service modem or fiber, and create interoperability between a variety of buildings/locations within a line-of-sight.

Maximize Wireless Coverage

Designed for peak performance in a variety of outdoor environments providing high-performance reception and long range connections. High-transmit power ensuring reliable and long-range device coverage.

Levels of Power IEEE Standard Watts Supplied Packetalk Radios
Type 1 IEEE 802.3af Up to 15.4W PT360, PT420
Type 2 IEEE 802.3at Up to 30.8W PT880, PT400, PT360, PT420
Type 3 IEEE 802.3bt Up to 60W PT880, PT400, PT360, PT420
Type 4 IEEE 802.3bt Up to 90W PT880, PT400, PT360, PT420

Power over Ethernet Power Options

Gigabit PoE port, enabling placement in locations where power outlets are scarce or unavailable, such as on poles or rooftops. (varies per model)

Sealed Enclosure Protection

GORE© Vents manage the internal pressure in mobile and outdoor electronics enclosures, packaging and automotive components – supporting long service life, increasing reliability and preventing deformations that could cause component failure.

Authorized Distributor GORE© Protective Vents

PT880 and PT400

GORE Poly Vent M12x1.5 HA PMF100391

Create a Smart City

Powered by packetalk


Add a ALPR asset

Packetalk’s ALPR cameras have embedded license plate recognition, AI video analytics and up to 90FPS.



Packetalk Video Analytics System provides a multi-faceted situational awareness platform for all your surveillance needs.


Deploy INAAP

Packetalk Interoperable Nationwide ALPR & Analysis Platform. Creates Interoperability across county and state lines for Plate recognition and vehicle exception reports. Equipped with API and third Party integration.