Packetalk’s surveillance cameras are powered by AI engine which filters objects and deliver high detail in low light environments.

Key Features

Of our cameras

AI Video Anaytics

8 Intelligent OCR modes powered by AI engine which filters objects to focus on human and vehicle detection (varies per model)

  • Behavior Analysis
  • Passing/Line Crossing
  • Motion Detection
  • Statistics for Market Intelligence
  • Privacy Protection
  • 3D Positioning
  • Intercommunication (SIP/VoIP)
Facial Recognition
Traffic at Dusk

Ultra Low Light

Able to deliver high detailed color images even in low light environments without any supplemental lighting  (varies per model)

Up to 90FPS

Cameras catch images with no latency during high speed movement

High Speed Traffic Camera

Create a Smart City

Powered by packetalk


Add a ALPR asset

Packetalk’s ALPR cameras have embedded license plate recognition, AI video analytics and up to 90FPS.



Packetalk Video Analytics System provides a multi-faceted situational awareness platform for all your surveillance needs.


Deploy INAAP

Packetalk Interoperable Nationwide ALPR & Analysis Platform. Creates Interoperability across county and state lines for Plate recognition and vehicle exception reports. Equipped with API and third Party integration.