Solar-Powered Surveillance Trailer


Packetalk’s temporary surveillance systems that provide high definition live video of the deployment location.

Key Features

Of our trailers

Camera Boom

Full camera customization available with different PTZ functionality including ALPR, video analytics, people counting and thermal imagery.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) & Bubble Camera

Configuration supports various numbers of PTZ cameras dependent on your needs and trailer model.

Top Camera Box
On-Board Self Healing

On-Board Self Healing

Built in monitoring system collects data and information for display in our autonomous operational continuity vitals application.

Breakers & Batteries

Rapid deploy breakers protect internal components turning the trailer into an easy “Fire and Forget” asset.  (varies per model)

Breakers and Batteries

Create a Smart City

Powered by packetalk


Add a ALPR asset

Packetalk’s ALPR cameras have embedded license plate recognition, AI video analytics and up to 90FPS.



Packetalk Video Analytics System provides a multi-faceted situational awareness platform for all your surveillance needs.


Deploy INAAP

Packetalk Interoperable Nationwide ALPR & Analysis Platform. Creates Interoperability across county and state lines for Plate recognition and vehicle exception reports. Equipped with API and third Party integration.