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Interactive Community Alert Network


Interactive Community Alert Network

Key Features


Community Crime Prevention

Unite neighborhood residents and the police in preventing crime
Citizen with Police Officer
Texting on Cellphone

Report Suspicious Activity

Instantly & anonymously report suspicious activity occurring in their neighborhoods

Responsive and Personalized Community Security

Combine neighborhood-watch and electronic tips program features with neighborhood CCTV cameras
Robber at Window

let’s step through

How it works

1. Sign Up

Community residents sign-up for program participation with law enforcement

2. Access iCAN

Citizens are provided access to an iCAN website with still panoramic pictures of neighborhood CCTV camera views

3. Single User Account

All communication is done using only a personalized username

4. Enter Incident Info

Simply enter a brief description of the incident on the iCAN portal, click or tap on the panoramic still photo representing the location of the event location, and send. iCAN alerts go directly to the local Public Safety Agency

5. iCAN Alerts

Public Safety officials are instantly alerted to iCAN reports and police CCTV camera views automatically pan to the indicated area

6. Police & iCAN Communicate

Police and iCAN reporters collaborate and exchange incident information online until the alert is resolved

Responsive Community Security

24 Hr / 7 Days

iCAN delivers responsive and personalized community security services that will help keep you and your neighborhood informed and safe 24 Hours/7 Days a week

Community Trust and

Police Effectiveness


A discussion board for neighborhood residents and police to share ideas about how to improve community vigilance and safety


Electronic police issued alerts go out to registered citizens warning them of potential harm and crime trends


Tracks and monitors community collaboration and problem solving results


Interactive Resource Management Center (iRMC)



Packetalk Video Analytics System (PTVAS)

Create a Smart City

Powered by packetalk


Add a ALPR asset

Packetalk’s ALPR cameras have embedded license plate recognition, AI video analytics and up to 90FPS.


Customize a mobile surveillance trailer

Packetalk’s trailers provide remote site monitoring with real-time surveillance in high definition video.


Deploy INAAP

Packetalk Interoperable Nationwide ALPR & Analysis Platform. Creates Interoperability across county and state lines for Plate recognition and vehicle exception reports. Equipped with API and third Party integration.