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Packetalk Video Analytics System provides a multi-faceted situational awareness platform for all your surveillance needs.

Key Features


Real Time Display

Multi-monitor display with a 64 view channel per monitor with fisheye dewarping and PTZ control. Customize your multi-monitor display with a simple click and drag feature.
PTVAS Multiscreen


Manage video archives with enhanced features such as:


Speed of Playback

Fast Forward & Rewind


Assign Location & Event Tags

Digital Zoom

Lock Video

Local & NAS Storage

ptvas line crossing

Smart Analytics

PTVAS on board SMART Analytics create an efficient and effective surveillance environment for the end user with event based notifications to any desktop/mobile client, Phone, and email.

  • Focus on Human & Vehicle Event
  • Server-based AI & ANPR Analytics
  • Various AI applications for Human Behavior, People Counting, Perimeter and more

Region Entrance

Alarm will be triggered when objects enter the selected regions

Cross Line

The ability to count how many people enter or exit during the setting period

People Counting

Track how many people are in an area at any time, and how they move

Tamper Detection

Detect possible tampering such as unfocused, obstructed or moved


Loitering in a defined area for a specific period of time triggs an alarm

Advanced Motion Detection

Filter out “noise” such as lighting changes, tree movements, etc. 

Real Time Recognition

Detect, recognize and search for license plates in real time or archived footage on moving or stationary vehicles

LPR Screen

Video Wall

Flexible and multifunctional monitoring for custom usability and efficiency of workflow

Enterprise & Scalable

PTVAS is built to support up to 2000 Cameras per setup and is ONVIF ready with Third Party Integration available

PTVAS Mobile

Mobile access that is iOS and Android compatible for seamless access at your workstation or on the go with real-time monitoring with live view, PTZ control, and dual-way audio communication.

Apple Store
PTVAS Mobile


The Interactive Community Alert Network (iCAN)



Interoperable Nationwide ALPR & Analysis Platform (INAAP)

Create a Smart City

Powered by packetalk


Add a ALPR asset

Packetalk’s ALPR cameras have embedded license plate recognition, AI video analytics and up to 90FPS.


Customize a mobile surveillance trailer

Packetalk’s trailers provide remote site monitoring with real-time surveillance in high definition video.


Deploy INAAP

Packetalk Interoperable Nationwide ALPR & Analysis Platform. Creates Interoperability across county and state lines for Plate recognition and vehicle exception reports. Equipped with API and third Party integration.